BUILDUP A Magnificent 1977 SuperCab Conversion

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1977 SuperCab Build

Fords of 1970s never fail to be amazing. They are frequent choices for projects and builds, and it’s just all too obvious why they are even by looking at one.

They are simply magnificent trucks. FTE member ibleedblue1385 has undertaken a build of his own involving a 1977 SuperCab. The ride is painted red and appears to be a wonderful candidate.


When ibleedblue1385 got the truck, he had his plans clearly laid out. He wanted to convert the two wheel drive Ford onto a four wheel drive monster, give it a four inch lift, restore the body and interior, and perform an engine swap.

At this point he has completed the 4×4 conversion and is working on the rest. He is debating between two engines: a 6.9L or 7.3L IDI, or 351W EFI. The decision has not yet been made, but we’re sure that he’ll do great with whichever route he chooses to take!


There still quite a bit of a ways to go on this build thread, and it’s definitely worth following! Go drop by ibleedblue1385’s build thread and show your support!

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