BUILDUP A Father and Son’s 1949 Ford F1 Build

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1949 Ford F1

Classics are a lot of fun to build, even though they can be tough to get going. Even so, it never fails to make the project more enjoyable when it is truly a father and son endeavor.

FTE member sere0501 has taken on building this 1949 Ford F1 with his son, and it is definitely moving along well. He purchased the vehicle from a woman who was planning to move from his home state of Alaska down into the lower 48 states, and she has named the truck “Old George.” Since the purchase, things have been moving forward.


He has replaced the fuel lines, the fuel filter, cleaned and treated the tank, converted the rig to electronic ignition, painted the wheels, and much more. He also has purchased a F2 as a parts trucks, but decided to keep that Ford as well (it has now been named “Big George).

He took the doors, hood, the flathead 8, the re-cored radiation, the heater, the reupholstered seat, battery tray, and more from Big George in order to aid in Old George’s revival.


Sere0501 has specifically said that he is aiming for making this rig into a hot rod, and most certainly not making it into a rat rod. He hopes to make it into a safe and reliable driver with modifications that won’t detract, at least too much, from the original design. I’d say that both father and son are well on their way in making this one nice F1!

Go check out sere0501’s build thread and show your support!

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