BUILDUP A Classic 1977 Ford F-250 Senior Project

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1977 Ford F-250

You’ve just got to love the Ford trucks of the ’70s. They look, sound, and run great. Sadly, not many are left on the road anymore.

It’s just a fact of life — over about forty years things tend to happen to our trusty old trucks. Even so, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be resurrected and given a new chance at life!


FTE member Zachthemoo2 has taken on this ’77 F-250 as his senior project. Primarily he is doing an engine swap on the old beast, but along the way he is also taking the time to fix any problems that exist.

At this point he already has the new engine — a 390 long block — and new headers waiting to be installed. And don’t worry — he has made sure to paint all the appropriate parts in a fresh coat of Ford Blue!


Besides just the engine, several fenders have been given attention.

Lately Zach has been struggling with some very stubborn bolts, so be sure to drop by his build thread and show your support!

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