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We see lifted rigs all the time. Well, we do down here in Texas, at the very least. Regardless, the point is that lifted trucks really are a fairly frequent sight. Sometimes they’re clean and polished and other times they show signs of a good time spent off-road. Still, today’s build is not your ordinary four-wheel-drive monster that you see taking up two parking spots at the grocery store. No, this week’s build features a 1959 FWD beast of a build that is being performed by FTE member kujo3692.

Kujo3692 purchased the rig from his uncle for just $500 when he was just seventeen years old. Having had the rig for over ten years now, it should come as no surprise that much has been done to make it better. The truck has a 1966 462 cubic inch motor with the matching C6 transmission, the original Spicer 24 transfer case, and more. Kujo3692 has swapped in a set of locked Dana 60’s from a 1979 F-350, installed a power steering kit, a new wiring harness, power brakes, and is still working to add more.

We’re sure it didn’t take long for the cost of the modifications and repairs on this rig to exceed the purchase price, but it seems to have been well worth it! Go check out kujo3692’s build thread and show your support!

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