FIRST LOVE: A 1982 Ford F-100 Build

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When your dad purchases a brand new ride on your seventh birthday, it would only make sense that you would assume the ride was destined to be yours. Turns out, this was completely true for FTE member IsaacJR75.

He owned the rig himself from the time he was sixteen until now, and after parking it in 1998, he finally decided it was time to give the ride a little bit of attention. After all, the first truck one owns always holds a special place in one’s heart, and to let it sit and waste away forever would be a terrible thing to do!

Back in the ’90s, IsaacJR75 did do several things to improve upon his Ford, including converting it from a 300 to a 351M. He also had it painted and re-did the interior, as well as added an aluminum Weiand intake, Hedman headers, a bigger cam, a shift kit, and much more.

Now that he has decided to get the truck back into tip-top shape, he plans to tear it down to the frame and built it from the ground up. He’ll be going to disc brakes, trying to get the suspension as close to “new” as possible, eliminate one of the fuel tanks, and so much more! He definitely has some big plans for this old school truck!

Go check out his build thread and show yours support!

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