BUILDUP A Sky Blue 1960 Ford F-100 Project

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FTE Build

FTE member kg6tai is currently working on a 1960 F-100 build, which seems to be heading in a primarily positive direction.

After all, there aren’t many ways to go wrong when bringing a classic back to life, since without such care and attention the rig wouldn’t even be seen on the road.

Overall, we love what he is doing in preserving this 55-year-old Ford. We’re quite excited to see this old beauty cruising around town yet again!

As of now, kg6tai is planning to go with a big back window cab, Thunderbird rear suspension, and a Crown Victoria front end. And, to our dismay, a small LS engine with an overdrive transmission.

He is prepared for the flaming, though we recommend going easy on him. After all, without this build the 1960 F-100 would be rotting away in a junkyard or a barn, so who could argue with the legitimacy of reviving this truck?

Kg6tai is continuing to move forward with his build, and we’re sure it will be exciting to follow. Go check out his build thread and show your support!


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