A “Pass It On” 1994 Ford F-150 Build

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One of the best types of a build a person can take on is a selfless one, with the intention being neither to sell it nor to keep it. While it might be a little strange to think about, their are people out there who pursue a build without the intent to truly benefit from it. Whether they’re doing it for charity, aiding a relative, or, as is the case with today’s feature, planning to pass it on, it’s always a wonderful thing when the ride one has taken on is for someone other than themselves. Of course, that’s not to bash anyone who takes on a personal build!

FTE member Ron94150 has taken on a build of this nature, and his plans are relatively simple. He has recently started his “pass it on” project, which, when completed, he plans to drive for awhile before passing it down to his son. It is a father-son project, so the child will definitely be doing some of the work! The ride is a 1994 Ford F-150, so what could be a better candidate?

So far he has replaced the transmission cooler, replaced the water pump, changed out the thermostat, replaced the fan clutch, and more! Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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