BUILDUP A Glorious 1965 Ford F-100 2WD Short Bed

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It’s always a great thing when a truck stays in the family. FTE member fereo0 has had this 1965 beauty in his family since 1969, and he finally recently bought it off his father. The rig is a 1965 F-100 2WD short bed with a 352 cubic inch engine and Borg Warner T85-N transmission, which certainly isn’t a bad combination.

Just by looking at the truck one would not assume that any build or work even needed to be done — the paint job is immaculate, and the ride is quite stunning to look at. It is certainly a finer example of a classic ride, if we ever did see one.

But fereo0 does have some plans for this already-magnificent ride. As for major changes, he hopes to swap out the engine and transmission and throw in a 289 and C4 combo to make this ride exactly what he wants it to be.

In addition, he plans to lower this glorious machine, which seems too perfect for the antique Ford. Though we’re sure that there are other things that he may like to do while on this way to a final product, this is his primary goal with this lovely ’65.

Go stop by fereo0’s build thread and show your support!

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