BUILDUP A 2002 Ford F-250 Lariat Project

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When it comes down to it, everyone who takes on a build doesn’t have the same reason. Though we often assume that the person hopes to make their rig better, which is mainly the case, the reasoning as to why they decided to take that on is, well, a bit fuzzy.

Some people go out and buy a beaten down Ford with hopes to rejuvenate it and bring it to life again, making it into exactly what they want. Others buy a truck that’s already in excellent shape and just modify to further suit their needs. Still more buy a great ride with no plans to do anything but enjoy it, and then end up with a build on their hands when everything starts to fall apart.


FTE member AndradaFX4 bought his 2002 F-250 Lariat and has decided to make it into exactly what he wants it to be. He didn’t stumble into the build or take on too much, and he seems to be doing an excellent job with his ride so far. As of now, he has removed the brush guard, plasti-dipped and emblems and bumpers black, and done a 2007 headlight conversion. He has also painted his intercooler piping¬†Ford Blue, which definitely gives the engine bay a nicer look.

Andrada is working all the time at making his rig better, and it shows. Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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