A 2000 Ford F-250 to 2015 Conversion Build

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When it comes to builds, every single one is a little different. Strangely enough, even with seven billion people on the planet we all manage to have different tastes. This definitely isn’t a bad thing, as it’s great to see everything from high-flying off-road builds to a simple student project.

It never gets old to see what people come up with, and the outstanding vehicles that are the product of that. While it never surprises us to see something a bit different from the rest, today’s build is more astounding than the norm. After all, most people don’t attempt to convert a 2000 Ford to a 2015 model.

That’s right; FTE member Rob, who is otherwise known by his username vortec 1, is in the process of converting his 2000 Ford F-250 XL, which he has owned since it was barely a year old, into a 2015 model Ford. Or, well, as close as it can be! He has already done a 2007 front end conversion in the past, but now it’s time to step it up!

So far, the F-250 has a power chip, a 2007 front end conversion, a 40-series Flowmaster exhaust with 3″ stainless steel tips out the back, a 4″ ProComp suspension lift, chrome ported wheels, a rebuilt front end, 2008-2015 smoked taillights, smoked cab lights, and 2008-2015 mirrors.

There’s so much more on the way, so go stop by Rob’s build thread and show your support!

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