BUILDUP A 1996 Ford F-250 Powerstroke Project

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When one gets their hands on a new ride, it doesn’t take long for the honeymoon phase of love and adoration to pass. After all, it becomes frustrating when minivans start to fly by on the highway or bigger rigs spew smoke at you when they’re taking off from a light.

After a while it becomes obvious that your new ride could be improved, and that’s where builds often begin. FTE member Ricky (A.K.A. “dieselhead1052“) recently started his build with his 1996 F-250 Powerstroke, and it is definitely coming along nicely!

As it sits now, Ricky has added a Diamond Eye exhaust system with a 3″ down-pipe and 4” side-exit exhaust tips, an Ebay short ram intake, RiffRaff diesel plenum boots, and more.

Though we don’t know everything that he hopes to accomplish with the ride, we’re definitely excited to see where his build goes! After all, what is there not to love about a 1996 F-250 Powerstroke?

As Ricky continues his build we’re sure that he’d love to hear some words of encouragement from his fellow members here on FTE! Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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