BUILDUP A 1990 Ford F-250 Budget Build in the Great White North

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It’s not easy to work on a project in Canada. Well, scratch that — it’s not easy to work on a project in Canada during the winter! We’re sure that FTE member brennanforgeron can attest to this truth. He has recently taken on a 1990 F-250 build, which has been severely delayed by the truck being, well, buried beneath heaps of snow. Still, he has recently managed to dig the rig out and hopes to have it complete and ready for the road by summer!

The rig itself is a 1990 F-250 extended cab long box with a 7.3L non-turbo motor. He purchased the ride off of a man who had owned it for a few years, but before that the Ford had been owned by a fisherman.

As one might expect, this led to a substantial amount of rust, which is hard to avoid in the north anyway. Thankfully, the F-250 did have a rust-free bed, which is something to be thankful for! It also came with two brand new fuel tanks and sending units, new brakes, and a new starter. On top of all of that, Brennan managed to pick up a parts truck for just $100!

Though not much has been done with the rig so far, things are moving and we’re excited to see this truck completed! Go stop by Brennan’s build thread and show your support!

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