BUILDUP A 1979 Ford F-250 First Ride Project

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We all remember our first car. This is just a fact, and one to be proud of. Whether or not we are proud of the first ride we cruised into the high school parking lot, or if we were embarrassed to be seen in it, it is still something worth remembering.

Maybe your first ride was a Dodge Shadow with cheap paint job, or maybe you had a ratty old Corolla that just went from point A to point B. Or maybe you’re like FTE member texbigred1, who’s high school ride was a 1979 F-250 4×4.

We have to admit, we’re a bit jealous of his first ride. After all, not everybody gets to have such a wonderful piece of history as the rig they get through school with. Clearly texbigred1 was also proud of the truck too, since he has recently purchased another 1979 F-250 in remembrance of his first vehicle. Though the truck has a ways to go, we’re looking forward to this build!

The rig is a 1979 2WD with a 1978 F-250 suspension. A 460 makes its home under the hood, alongside a C6 transmission. The Ford has surprisingly little rust, aside from a small section in the rear. He is currently scouting out the parts he needs, and we’re looking forward to what the end result will be!

Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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