A 1978 Ford F-100 Ranger Build

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FTE Build

When it comes to a project truck, the best thing to do is to dedicate oneself to completing it. While it is common for partial projects to be sold via Craigslist or other means, the sad truth is that many of them end up in someone’s backyard, rotting away, or, quite sadly, in a junkyard. That’s why we like to emphasize the necessity of planning and over-planning, which seems to be exactly what FTE member GM4WALLS has done with his current built.

He is currently working on building up a 1978 Ford F-100 Ranger with the Explorer Package, which he has nicknamed “Mildred.” He intends on adding a new bed, doing a cab swap, and rebuilding the engine. He has already taken the initiative by gathering all the parts he thinks he will need, and acknowledging the fact that some unexpected things are bound to pop up along the way. Still, he is hoping that this build will move steadily and quickly, and we’re definitely rooting for him!

Go check out GM4WALLS build thread and show your support of his ongoing project!

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