BUILDUP A 1977 Ford F-150 4×4 Project

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When it comes to building up a truck, nothing is better than to keep it in the family. After all, who wouldn’t love to rejuvenate and bring back to life a rig that has sentimental and generational significance through their family? It truly is a fulfilling thing to do, and we’re glad to see that it isn’t a lost art. In fact, FTE member Josh (A.K.A. “joshh“) is currently working on rebuilding his 1977 F-150 4×4, which was originally purchased new by his father.

After his father had owned it for some time, in 1994 Josh got his driver’s license and began to drive the rig some himself. In 1995 him and his father repainted the truck, which was originally silver, to the shade of red that it currently is now. Finally, in 2004, his father agreed to sell him the Ford, and from then until about three years ago Josh used the beast as a work truck. It was at that point about three years ago when the engine got too tired to do much anymore, and Josh parked it with no known plans for its future.

Still, things have taken off. Josh plans to do a two inch lift in the front, throw in a 4.6L 4 valve DOHC motor, and add a M5R2 5-speed transmission. It will become a fun truck rather than a work truck, which seems to be a well-deserved retirement! Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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