A Bicentennial 1976 Ford F-100 Build

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When it comes to building up a truck, it is really a rewarding experience. Of course, the experience itself is even better when the rig that’s being built has sentimental value. This is the case with today’s feature, which has been taken on by FTE member USArmyTaterness. The ride itself belongs to his wife, and is a 1976 Ford F-100. The project appears to be a bit of a group effort, which also involves USArmyTaterness’s nephew, who will be doing the body work for free as part of a group project!

USArmyTaterness has gotten a hold of a his father-in-law’s truck to use as a donor rig for the project. He has already pulled the front clip off the F-100 in preparation for the coming swap, and all seems to be going well. The overall goal for the build is to restore it back to its original condition while performing a few small modifications along the way. In addition to this, USArmyTaterness plans to lower it just a bit to make it stand out on the road!

Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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