A Mean Green 1973 Ford F-250 Build

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FTE Build

About two years ago, FTE member mfnheff purchased a 1973 Ford F-250 off Craigslist for about $1250. Over time, he has been working on the ride and getting it to where it is now. Thankfully, he recently decided to post his build and progress he has made over these last twenty-four months. His rig certainly seems to be coming along well, so we’re certainly glad to share his project here with you today!

The truck originally had a 400 cubic inch motor under the hood, as well as a transmission with a knock. Having been a farm truck its whole life, this isn’t all that surprising. Mfnheff decided to pull both the motor and the transmission, and replaced them with a 390 cubic inch motor and a T18 transmission. In addition to this major swap, he has installed a new headboard, a new dashboard pad, and swapped out the steering wheel.

Beyond these things, he has also done a great deal more! Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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