A 1967 Ford F-100 Build

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FTE Build

Saving a truck from the scrapper is an admirable and amazing. Well, at least when it’s a Ford truck! It’s sad to see that every year less and less old school Ford rigs are cruising on the roads, or, at the very least, being pursued in garages. Eventually they disappear.

Sometimes this is because they are totaled in wrecks, and other times it’s simply because they’re been left sitting for so long that they only seem worthy of the scrapper. Still, we applaud anyone who takes on one of these old rigs as a project, and that’s exactly what FTE member itsabullitt has done!


Itsabullitt picked up his new project, a 1967 Ford F-100, after another FTE member posted that a ’60s Ford would be headed to the scrapper if someone didn’t save it. Since he had a 429 big block laying around, which was donated to him from another FTE member, he decided to go pick up the ride and save it from certain death. Four hundred dollars later, the ride was his.

Relatively straight, though without a motor, the ride seemed to be a good candidate for this build. Itsabullitt knows it needs some work, plus the 429 big block, but it seemed entirely worthwhile. Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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