BUILDUP A 1966 Ford F-100 Project

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Though normally more of a Dodge guy, FTE member Big_Texxan picked up a 1966 F-100 project truck over two weeks ago in exchange for a motorcycle that he had restored.

Though definitely not a Dodge, he seems to be excited to get this rig back to where it should be. Despite looking rough around the edges, the truck is actually very solid, which is something to be grateful for when talking about a ride that is almost fifty years old!

So far, Big_Texxan has ripped out the old wood slats an trim in the bed, ordered new axle perches, torn down the brakes, ordered new leaf spring bushings, ordered new rear end parts, torn down the rear end, and more.

He has gotten some sheet metal off a 2003 Dodge Ram to patch up several areas of the rig. He plans to only by the tailgate and to patch up the rest!

Big_Texxan has a lot of future plans on this truck, which we couldn’t possibly touch on in this feature! Go check out his build thread for more details and to show your support!

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