Classic 1966 Ford F-100 Build

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FTE Build

As the years go by, older rides seem to slowly disappear. Sadly enough, this isn’t just something that we think is true, it’s something that we know is true. From accidents to forgotten projects, lost causes, and more, these vintage vehicles finally meet their end. They may last a long time before this happens, but without someone to save them from junkyards and barns, they slowly fade away. This is why we’re so thankful to people like FTE member Koomz, who has taken on the project of fixing up one of these old rigs!

To be more specific, Koomz bought his 1966 Ford F-100 awhile back. He got a pretty good deal on it, but that probably had something to do with the fact that the truck didn’t have an engine of a transmission. He soon dropped in a 428 cubic inch Thunder Jet motor from a 1969 Ford Thunderbird and a C-6 transmission. The ride then functioned as his daily driver for some time.

That came to an end when the studs tore clean through the entire hub assembly. Yes, all five studs. Now Koomz is moving onto the next big project — performing  2008 Ford Crown Victory front sub-frame swap.

After spending two weeks hitting every bolt with penetrating liquid, Koomz has finally started with the project. Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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