BUILDUP A 1966 F-100 First-Time Project

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Sometimes the best builds are the ones you don’t do alone. After all, having even one other person dedicated to the same ride can make that rig seem all the more worthwhile.

FTE member tedrowtr13 and his wife have taken on their first ever build — a 1966 F-100. Besides just them, tedrowtr13 has had help on the ride from some of his buddies and his grandfather.


When they picked up the rig it didn’t run and hadn’t run in a long while, but before they took it off the trailer they had it running and were cruising it around the block. After debating the possibility of selling it for a short while, they decided to take on the project themselves.

The first thing they did was begin pulling the front clip off, saving the pieces (as best as they could with that evil Iowa rust) just in case they would be needed later. They also removed the box from the truck and had to use an old gas axe to cut off some old bolts. Then they pulled the cab from its old mounts, and with the help of some friends he managed to pull it off the frame.


The plan for this ‘66 beauty is to replace the suspension with that from a 2003 Crown Victoria, find a less rusty cab to use in place of the current one, and maybe even get the rig back on the road by the summer. The ride originally came with a 240 cubic inch engine and four speed transmission, and tedrowtr13 plans to throw in a 302 or a 351W instead.

This is a weekend project that is moving steadily along and ought to be a real joy when complete. Go drop by tedrowtr13’s build thread and show your support!

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