BUILDUP A 1964 Ford F-100 Project

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There are two kinds of people in this world — the ones who take on a build with the purpose of fully restoring the ride, and then those who just want to have some fun!

FTE member jzzzake is the latter of these two. Living in Key West, Florida, we’re sure he sees some spiffy old school rigs daily, so it just seems fitting that he would want a fun ride to cruise the streets in. The ride he is working on is a 1964 Ford F-100, which will definitely be a wonderful custom rod when all is said and done!

The goal for the ride, as mentioned before, is just to have a fun ride that he can ride around in  “with a big huge smile on [his] face.” He hopes to lower it, add disc brakes all the way around, and throw a rebuilt 302 Mustang motor under the hood accompanied by a C4 automatic transmission. He will also be adding chrome, different emblems, and more. Right now he’s just getting started, so it’s a great time to start following this wonderful project!

It’s an exciting build that jzzzake has taken on, and we’re very interested in what the finished product will be! Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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