BUILDUP A 1956 Ford F-100 Rat Rod Project

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We gotta love the old school rigs. We just have to. It would be a difficult thing to not love the look of these old beasts, and that’s not even mentioning the role that they played in the creation of the Ford trucks that roam the streets today. These antique beauties are becoming fewer and fewer every year, so it is very exciting to see one being taken care of and brought back to life, which is exactly what FTE member Resurrected 56 F100 is doing with his 1956 F-100!

What’s most impressive about this ride is not that Resurrected 56 F100 is working on getting it running, but rather that this classic Ford has been in his family since day one. Back in 1956 his grandfather bought the truck knew when he had his son. In the early ’80s his grandfather passed the rig on to his father,who ended up leaving it parked for a long while. A couple of years ago the beast was passed on to Resurrected 56 F100, and that’s where he is now.

The ride is a budget build, and by no means a restoration. However, he hopes to get it to be a safe an reliable daily driver. And yes — he plans to keep the patina! He recently pulled the 292 motor and found water in the oil, so a rebuild is also in the works. This is definitely a build worth following, so go drop by his build thread and show your support!

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