BUILDUP A 1953 Ford F-100 with a Ton of Memories

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FTE Build

Sometimes a project truck can be a very bittersweet thing. If you pick up the rig from some local seller, this is often not the case. However, when the truck is handed down then it is clear that many memories can comes attached. After his father’s passing, FTE member demon53 ended up with his 1953 Ford F-100. In desperate need of restoration, he decided to take on the project and handle the job.

And the progress has been swift. Demon53 has already begun his repairing hidden rust, bodywork, and more. He has already added the new suspension from a Crown Victoria. Though he hasn’t specifically specified what his final plans will be for the rig, it appears that he is doing a basic restoration with a few upgrades here and there. We definitely can’t wait to see the outcome!

So what are you waiting for? Go stop by demon53’s build thread and show your support for his amazing build!

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