BUILDUP A 1950 Ford F-1 with a 2001 Mustang Cobra’s Soul

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Owning an old Ford pickup truck is one things, but owning one that runs is another. One might not call it an uncommon sight to see a rundown ‘50s Ford rig sitting in someone’s lawn outside the city, slowly rusting away. It actually isn’t that odd. However, seeing a ‘50s rig cruising down the road is a different story — very far and few between.


Still, FTE member bkhsvt has taken on building up his 1950 Ford F-1. Of course, what else is one to do when they have a non-running F-1 and a wrecked 2001 Mustang Cobra? Bkhsvt has already pulled the motor, fuel tank, pedal assembly, steering column, and the harness from the Cobra in order to drop in to his truck. It seems like the setup should fit well on the F-1, which has already been given some decent disc brakes as well.

We’re excited to see where this build goes, and we’re glad to see that ckhsvt has taken it on! Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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