A Classic 1948 Ford F-1 Build

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It’s always a great thing when someone takes on building up and rejuvenating a classic rig, as I’m sure we’d all agree. After all, behind every old ride there is certainly a great story. Whether the 1948 ride has passed between two owners or fifteen, there’s bound to be something intriguing about the rig’s history that pulls us in, even if it is just the look of the patina or the fact that such a ride lived through certain wars or movements within the country.

FTE member pezsox recently picked up an old Ford rig of his own — a 1948 F-1. The truck was owned by a local man that passed away, and the house and the property where it sat was often left unoccupied. After seeing the antique vehicle sitting there for awhile, pezsox decided that he really wanted to take the project on. It took some asking around to learn that the man’s sons came by from time to time, and from there pezsox drove by the property twice a week for two months. Finally, a car was parked out front.

He managed to purchase the truck for $1100, and has already gotten started on the build. With very little knowledge and a lot of questions, he does expect to have some fun! Go stop by pezsox’s build thread and show your support!

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