1998 Ford Econoline Stealth Camper Build

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FTE Build

One of the most intriguing types of builds out there are the ones that seek to change the purpose of the ride altogether. Sometimes this means making a vehicles into a race car (or truck) or building it into an off-road dream machine.

Other times it might mean converting the rig into a show vehicle. For today’s build, none of these scenarios are the case — instead, FTE member GreenMM is working on making his ride into what he calls a “stealth camper.”

The ride is  1998 Ford Econoline van, and it was definitely a steal. Despite several red flags when he arrives, such as the fact that the rig was already running, and other detractors, he ended up purchasing the machine. Of course, for just $700, who could turn it down? It doesn’t hurt that when he tore off the vinyl wrap that the paint was showroom quality underneath!

GreenMM has a lot of plans for his ride, and they’re certainly going well so far! Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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