BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP A Classic 1989 F-150 Bricknose

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Completing a build is sometimes relatively uncomplicated and easy. Everything falls into place perfectly and you find yourself smiling at the end, glad that you tackled the goal and brought a Ford back to life. Things just go¬†right. Well, for Ford truck enthusiast Bootlegger’s Deluxe things just haven’t seem to go that way with his 1989 F-150 build. The bricknose rig just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.


He traded a shotgun for the truck, and it was a great buy. A newly rebuilt inline 6 engine, new brakes, and many more new parts made this Ford worth getting. The only prominent problem was the fact that both fuel tanks leaked, and both of the tank pumps were dead.

He dropped in a fuel tank and pump from an ’87 to fix the problem, but more continued to emerge. In the process of this build there have been issues with low fuel pressure, stalling, and even fire that compromised some of the fuel lines. Even so, one can’t say that this rig isn’t worth fixing up.

1989 F-150 BuildBootlegger’s Deluxe has put a lot of money and time (and sweat, we’re sure) into working on this bricknose. Things are still limping along as he tries to diagnose unknown problems and fix the truck back up to it’s potential. Even so, builds rarely go smoothly, as many know. But when this truck is done we’re sure it will have been well worth it!

Go drop by Bootlegger’s Deluxe’s build thread and show your support!

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