A Big, Black 1986 Ford F-150 Build

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Some rides have sentimental value to the owners. Sometimes this is because the ride is the first vehicle that the person ever owned, or that a family member owned it before them. Other times this attachment develops because the ride had been their dream car, and they’d finally attained that dream. In still other instances, one can form a bond with their ride simply because they have owned the vehicle for some time, and in that time have become happy and comfortable with the ride. Regardless of why a vehicle has sentimental value to the owner, the reality is that these special rides are the ones worth fixing.


This is why FTE member UTlonghrns has taken on fixing his 1986 Ford F-150. He has owned the ride since high school, which is impressive in and of itself. Unfortunately, a few years back the ride ended up in a terrible wreck that bent the frame. While UTlonghrns did spend the money to fix it, it didn’t take long before an abundance of electrical woes began to surface. Soon after, the engine itself decided to throw┬áin the towel. Following this, UTlonghrns removed the engine and transmission, and then left the ride to sit.

Now he has decided that it’s time to bring his ride back to life, and he’s doing this by performing a frame-off restomod! Actually, he’s even starting with a new frame!

Check out his build thread and show your support!

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