BUILDUP A 1986 F-150 and F-250 Conversion Project

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FTE Buildup 1986 F-150/F-250

Usually when one owns a truck — new or old — they own a very specific make and model. Some people own a 1997 Ford Ranger, or a 2005 F-150.

Even so, it is not always that simple. FTE member 86f250-rs owns a 1986 F-150 body that has been bolted to an F-250 chassis. So what exactly would this rig be called? Well, I guess that depends on the route that he decides to go with it.

And 86f250-rs has decided on that route as well. He seems to be moving toward making this F-150/F-250 Ford truck into a more pure and proud F-250, through and through.


The rig currently has a 351W engine, a manual transmission, a six inch suspension lift, and 35″ tires. And, yes, the truck is four wheel drive!

He picked up the Ford for a decent price, but that won’t stop him from putting money in to make it better. Thankfully, he will be getting help — and parts! — from his brother-in-law, who apparently knows these trucks quite well.

To start off with, 86f250-rs will be doing a three inch body lift, an F-250 interior conversion from a 1994 F-250, throwing on some step bars and a modified front bumper, and (of course) he will be cleaning up the engine bay. He is also planning a conversion to a C6 transmission, since apparently his has seen better days.

Go drop by 86f250-rs’s build thread and show your support!


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