1985 Ford F-250 IDI Build Dubbed Dillinger

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A good build is something we do, and always will, appreciate. After all, it’s always better to see a ride in the hands of a competent person rather than rotting away in a junkyard somewhere.

The reality is, that without these wonderful people who choose to dedicate their time, money, and effort into working on and improving older rides, these old school beauties would fade away much faster. And, as I’m sure we can all agree, that would be a terrible shame.

Thus, today we’re glad to feature another build, one that has been taken on my FTE member FlexYJeeper. The ride in question is a 1985 Ford F-250 IDI which has been dubbed “Dillinger.” To be more specific, the ride is an XLT Lariat Explorer Package, sports a 6.9L IDI, is equipped with a four speed manual transmission, and has four wheel drive.

This particular build is a good example of a continuous build, where FlexYJeeper plans to take care of it as needs come along. Of course, right off the bat this rig needs a few things, including fixing a fuel leak, replacing the master cylinder, and fixing the wiring for the lights.

Go stop by his build thread and show your support!


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