BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP A 1985 Ford Bronco Beast

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The Ford Bronco is one of Ford’s most iconic creations in history. Whether you’re a fan of the the old 1966 version or the final 1996 model, Broncos were, and still are, loved. Even to this day many die-hard fans are calling on Ford to bring back the beast.


But while we continue to wait and see if Ford will, indeed, return it to the market, many Ford truck enthusiasts have been snatching up the classics that still remain and have been building them back to perfection.

Ford truck enthusiast BiGGreen350 has just joined the bandwagon and picked up a 1985 Bronco to work on, and I’m sure all Bronco fans out there will love to see this thing get back on the road.

The rig has a blown motor, so BiGGreen350 will be putting a 12v Cummins under the hood in its place. He will also be throwing in a ZF 5 speed transmission with a transfer case from an F-350.

A pair of one ton axles will also be coming from an F-350 in order to help the Bronco. But even with what all needs to be done with truck, the ’85 Bronco is a wonderful candidate. It’s just asking to be fixed!

1985 Bronco Build

BiGGreen350 plans to make the Bronco into a daily driver, so he doesn’t intend to do any body work at the moment. Even so, he has planned the build well and is ready to begin. Go check out the build thread and show your support!

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