1978 Ford F-250 Pulling Truck Build

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Sometimes the hardest builds are the ones that need to be taken on the most. After all, the hardest builds are often the one’s that have been sitting for the longest, wasting away in someone’s backyard as the person continues to tell themselves that they’ll fix it up “one day.”

While we aren’t bashing the people who continue to hold onto their dream car or truck for this purpose, it is always a satisfying thing when one of these projects is actually taken on and completed, and that’s the goal for today’s feature.

FTE member 78Puller has recently taken on a build alongside his father and uncle. The ride in question is a 1978 Ford F-250, which he hopes to make into a pulling truck by the end of the project. The rig has been sitting since 1993, which was before 78Puller was even born. Without an engine and rotting away, we’re glad that this project has finally started taking off! After all, it’s always a good day whenever another Ford trucks takes to the streets!

78Puller has already done a lot of work on his rig, but there’s still a lot more to come! Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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