BUILDUP A 1978 Ford F-250 “Mudfighter”

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1978 Ford F-250

Meet Ford truck enthusiast NW 150‘s 1978 Ford F-250. This truck has been dubbed “Mudfighter” and was purchased back in August after he sold his F-100. The truck itself is fairly basic with nothing fancy slapped on originally.


Of course, this is how NW 150 wants it, since it fits just right for what he hopes to use the rig for. When completed, this ’70s beast will be a reliable mud truck and a daily driver – not to mention a solid classic worth boasting about!


So far the truck has had little done to it in the broad scheme of things. It hasĀ a Skyjacker 6″ suspension lift with new leaf springs all around, extended brake lines, and more.


The tires and rims are also new, and quite impressive at that. There is much coming with this truck, including a factory bed, roll bar, US made chrome axle shafts, and more. According to NW 150, the list will likely never end, and that isn’t a bad thing!

Eventually this old beat up ’78 F-250 will be dominating the streets and plowing through the mud. As we wait for that day go drop by NW 150’s build thread and show your support!

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