BUILDUP A 1970 CrewCab with a 2006 F-350 Frame Work in Progress

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Taking on a project is a great way to pass time. In fact, it often becomes more than just a hobby and manifests into a drive that can last for a a few months to many years, depending on one’s budget, goal, and expertise. Still, the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when the ride is complete can’t be matched by much else.

FTE member Endure has taken on a build of his own, and we’re excited to see how it will turn out. He picked up a 1970 CrewCab to work on, and the progress is certainly steady. Upon buying this rig, it was in pieces.

The previous owner had already done some metal work and applied the primer, but it has a long way to go. With a 390 c.i. engine, it’s no surprise that this was an appealing build to take on!

Endure plans to do an entire frame swap on this Ford. In fact, he has already started that process. He will be putting the boy from the ’70 onto an 2006 F-350 frame.

In addition to this, he will also be adding a four link with air suspension, a 47RH transmission and a TC from a 1995 Cummins, and Super Duty seats.

Endure has already made good progress on this rig. This is a project worth following! Go drop by his build thread and show your support!

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