BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP 1954 F-250 for $150

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This is a truck with a history. Ford truck enthusiast Fladoodle bought the ’54 Ford F-250 from his 80 year old great uncle, who was only the second owner of the truck. When he’d bought his first new truck (a 1974 F-250) this rig was left sitting out on his farm.

Fladoodle took it off his hands for $150, and since then has done a lot to get the truck moving toward its full potential. What’s amazing is that he actually drove it home one the back roads (with no brakes, at that!) after purchasing it. It was also the first time Fladoodle had ever driven stick, so that was sure to have been interesting.

1954 Ford F-250.So far a lot has been done on this truck. Parts have been purchased for the bed and rear fenders, it has been sandblasted, a new gas tank has been thrown in, and a new title has been acquired. This rig is actually already street legal despite the need for further attention.

To try and reiterate everything that has been done and that needs to be done would be impossible within the confines of this article. However, Fladoodle plans to keep the Ford as original as possible and is moving forward at a steady pace toward completing the restoration.

Fladoodle has lots of stories to tell about this truck (one of which includes cornering a cow with some Ford trucks) and many pictures to post. Go drop by his build thread and show your support!


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