BUILDUP A 1952 Ford F6 Challenge

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A build is a big job, and when all the skills one is equipped with came from an auto body class as a kid the job can seem even more enormous.

Of course, that certainly doesn’t mean that it is — by any means — impossible to tackle a project with little (or even no) knowledge.

That is one of the greatest benefits of this forum, where Ford fans can jump aboard and get help from their fellow enthusiasts. The method has succeeded for many, so why not for another?


FTE member wardsd once owned a 1952 F1 that he bought in Austin, Texas back in the 1990s. He ended up selling the amazing rig when he moved to Arizona since he decided — maybe wisely, maybe not — that he needed to have a truck with air conditioning.

He regretted the sale for a long time, so when a 1952 F6 came up for sale around the corner he jumped on it. It took him three weeks to get the massive Ford home, and he had to borrow a truck and trailer in order to get it where it needed to be.

80-img_5039_2b0c23accfc7e4249de55f0840693f0f8495db81Wardsd now lives in Virginia, so we assume that probably means that a heater is more necessary than air conditioning in the classic ride.

Still, this old F6 has a long way to go. He was able to start it just a bit before the purchase, though the fuel had to be fed to it due to a fuel pump issue.


The radiator was also entirely missing, so it was a very quick rumble. This is bound to be one interesting and fulfilling project!

Still, this rig is in very good condition overall and we think it is in good hands. Go stop by wardsd’s build thread¬†and show your support!

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