My Blue Heaven: 1951 Ford F-1 Deluxe Build

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While we’d be quick to say that every build has a story, we’d soon have to admit that most of those stories have been lost in time. They’ve faded, either through sale, death, or disrepair. Regardless of how the tale was lost, the truth is that it was, and now the world will never know the extent of the ride’s history. Of course, this is what makes the stories we know so enjoyable, and leads us to want to preserve them still further.

Today’s build, as one might expect, has a story to go with it. Thankfully, we know a great deal of this story, with very little time lost in between. To be specific, the build is question is a 1952 Ford F-1 Deluxe that has been taken on by FTE member John, who is better known by his username ktgovols. John bought the ride back in 1983, on his sixteenth birthday, and drove it for seven years. The ride got him through high school and college, with him driving it every day. Back at that time, John did the best daily driver restoration that he could.

Fast forward to 1992, when John started a frame up restoration of the rig. Nonetheless, he soon got married, and the truck fell by the wayside. He covered it in plastic at his grandmother’s house and left it until he could work on it again. That time came again recently, when a divorce put John back out on his own. He pulled the ride from where it had been sitting for twenty years, and decided it was time to finish it.

John has a lot of plans for this ride, and you won’t want to miss it. Go stop by his build thread and show your support!

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