BUILDUP A 1949 F-1 Work in Progress

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1949 F-1 Build

Though it may not look like it at the moment, this is a 1949 F-1 in the making. FTE member Andy (A.K.A. “jonesa49f1“) has taken on this project, and it is coming along great.

So far, this classic has a solid frame and a nice and fresh engine painted in none other than Thunderbird Red! Though it is certainly far from done, the rig already seems to be taking shape.


After a miraculous Craigslist find, Andy got his hands on two dirt cheap trucks to help him complete his build. One of those two was a perfect donor for an excellent cab.

Andy has gotten it cleaned and patched up, and now it is looking as good as new! There are quite a few extra parts that he is borrowing from the donor rigs, so this build is definitely progressing quickly!


Andy will be keeping the exterior of the rig stock, though the interior will be upgraded to some degree — including with bucket seats! The motor will also be a 12 volt when complete. Despite the few changes, this will be one authentic and vintage ride when it gets back on the road!

Go stop by Andy’s build thread and show your support!

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