A Classic 1948 Ford F-4 Dump Truck Build

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When it comes to taking on a build, it really is a big commitment and venture to take. Whether it’s due to the cost, the time, or simply the underlying stress and excitement — or maybe all three! — the reality is that building up a ride can take it’s toll. Even so, it’s always a process that pays off in the end, given that the reward is exactly what the builder desired. After all, who wouldn’t be pleased to have a perfect ride sitting in their garage?

That’s the goal that FTE member cstempert has set for himself with his current build. The ride he is working on is a 1948 Ford F-4 dump truck. Oddly enough, this isn’t his first time working on a an early F-series Ford, or his first time working on an old school dump truck! With a 1950 Ford F-1 currently apart in his garage and a 1963 F-500 dump truck serving as his daily driver, we’d say he definitely has the experience necessary!

Cstempert’s F-4 will need many of the basics — including brakes, wiring, a tune-up, wheels, and tires — in order to get it back on the road. The previous owner had dropped it off to be painted, but it only got so far for his money. The head was just replaced, since the previous one was cracked, and has already thrown on some new wheels!

Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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