Budget Explorer Build Drifts, Jumps, Does Smoky Burnouts!

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“Dora the Explorer” proves you can have the time of your life with a few hundred bucks and a few dozen hours of labor!

Admit it – you’ve at least had thoughts of taking an old vehicle and thrashing it to death. The trend started with the original Top Gear, but now it’s spread to the likes of YouTube. Seemingly every person on the planet wants to shell out a few hundred bucks and push some beater to the limit, usually with hilarious results. And that’s exactly what we get in this series of videos from YouTuber B is for Build and their beat up Explorer dubbed “Dora.”

The idea for this highly entertaining series began with a simple question. And that question is, can you make an old Explorer into a drift vehicle, on the cheap? To make it happen, they took a 200K+ mile ‘ute and did some basic maintenance to ensure it was running as good as it possibly could. Fluids, brakes, and the like. Next, it was time to strip out any unnecessary weight. Considering the fact that the interior was completely rancid, that wasn’t really a difficult choice to make.

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