Bronco U13 Roadster Is Pure Beach Cruisin’ Perfection

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Bronco U13

The Bronco U13 is easily the most underappreciated Bronco ever built. But we certainly aren’t sleeping on this gem.

In our humble opinions, no more underrated vehicle exists than the unique Ford Bronco U13 Roadster. Take a standard first-gen Bronco, chop off the entire top, add a set of “half” doors, and you’ve got an open air cruiser perfect for long rides on the beach. As cool as they are, these Bronco roadsters weren’t terribly popular back in their heyday, however. In fact, the stunning, restored U13 you’re currently ogling over is one of only 4,090 produced in 1966. Despite that, it carries a catalog estimate of only $35,000-$45,000 ahead of its auction date at Mecum Monterey, taking place August 23-25.

If this was a standard 1966 Bronco in this kind of condition, it would probably bring at least double that. So why do these rare roadsters go for pennies on the dollar? Well, your guess is as good as ours. For starters, they aren’t good cool/wet weather cruisers due to a leaky fabric top. But who the heck is going to drive this thing in the snow or rain anyway? This Bronco U13 was made for sunny day cruising, and that’s exactly what we’d use it for.

1966 Ford Bronco U13

Thus, whoever buys this thing is probably going to get a bargain. Full nut and bolt restorations aren’t cheap, and this particular job is clearly top notch. It also looks gorgeous in Holly Green with white accents and interior. The undercarriage sports the correct red-oxide paint, and the engine bay holds a host of authentic reproduction parts.

1966 Ford Bronco U13

Despite the fact that 1966 brought a number of challenging one-year only parts, this Bronco U13 resto stuck to its roots. And in this day and age of cut fendered classics, we’re thankful for that. One day, we hope that collectors finally appreciate these rare roadsters for what they are. But in the meantime, now’s certainly a great time to be in the market for one!

1966 Ford Bronco U13

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