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This Ford Bronco Tough Truck video reminds us that even purpose-built vehicles can break.

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the RPM Army YouTube channel and it features a Ford Bronco race truck taking on a Tough Truck course. In most Tough Truck videos, the run goes one of two ways – either a ragged old street truck sheds parts as it bounces around the track or a purpose-built race truck cruises through the course. This clip reminds us that even race trucks can break.

The Bronco Breaks

The video begins with the Ford Bronco race truck roaring its way up to the starting line, at which point we get a great look at the vehicle. While it is technically a full sized Ford SUV based on the body, this appears to be little more than a tube framework with a few pieces of Ford sheet metal over them. It has a monster cooling setup in the bed, looking like something that could compete in the Baja 1000 and leading us to believe that we are about to see a great Tough Truck run.

Bronco Race Truck Flying

When the run begins, the Bronco blasts away from the starting line, slowing for the tight first turn and accelerating towards the first series of jumps. The driver eases the truck over the two larger jumps, but when he hits the roughest section of the track, the Bronco catches a rut wrong and drives the right front wheel into the next bump at an awkward angle.

The Bronco immediately slows down following that awkward landing, sliding to a stop just short of the concrete retaining wall. As the truck comes to a stop, we can see that the right front wheel is not moving as it should, so it seems as though this purpose-built race truck broke a suspension component on the hard landing.

This serves as a reminder that even the toughest trucks can break when they hit the track.

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