Beastly Bronco Mud Truck Prepares for Action: Freewheel Burning Friday Presented by Yokohama

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How does a gladiator prepare for battle? Watching this lifted Bronco testing ahead of its first real mud run gives us an idea.

We feature a great many mud trucks flexing their muscles, but in the video above, we watch as a purpose-built Bronco stretches its legs in the grass before heading off to the pit. This footage comes from the Ramblin Around YouTube channel and in addition to watching this beast tear up grass and nearly roll over, we get a closer look at the unique intake and exhaust setup.

The Internet is chock-full of fantastic mudding videos, but very few of them offer any detail on the trucks, and even fewer give us a close-up look at the engine. That is what makes this footage so unique. In addition to providing a great look at the powerplant, this clip shows the big Bronco mud truck testing in the wild as the driver shreds someone’s backyard.

Ford Bronco Mud Truck Posing

Mud Truck Close-Up

According to the details, the driver of this rig is named Chris and he “wanted to make sure everything was working before the Mud Fest the next day.” There really isn’t any mud at all, nor are there are trucks or any people to make unwanted noises in the background. As a result, we can see and hear this big Ford clearly as it rips back and forth through the grass. More importantly for the driver, this clean, quiet setting allows him to test the truck in an environment where he is able to monitor the vehicle and address any issues without a crowd and without being stuck waist-deep in mud.

Mud Bronco Charging

About halfway through the video, the driver removes the hood and shows off the Windsor V8 under the hood, allowing us to check out the routing of his headers and his unique cold air intake setup. With the hood off, the driver makes a few more hard runs through the grass, nearly flipping the truck onto its side on a hard turn, but all-in-all, this big Bronco appears to be primed and ready for the real mud.

Bronco Almost Flips

The Details

This 1993 Ford Bronco is powered by a 351 cubic inch Windsor V8 mated to an automatic transmission and a pair of 4.56 differentials. It has been lifted enough to provide clearance for the 38-inch mud tires, making it more capable of forging deep slop. It also has no rear hatch and an aftermarket front bumper with a winch, but the most interesting aspect is the hood and the things sticking up through it.

Mud Bronco 351 Engine

Many mud trucks have their exhaust systems routed up through the hood, but the builder of this Bronco has also located the air filter high above the hood, with piping running down to the throttle body. When he removes the hood, we get a great look at the design and while it is clearly homemade, it looks like a pretty slick setup on the intake and exhaust side.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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