Bronco II Hits the ‘Tough Truck’ Course: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by the Nitto Terra Grappler G2

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We don’t know if it wins, but this compact Ford Bronco II shines on the track.

This week’s Truckin Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the RPM Army YouTube channel and it features a Ford Bronco II taking on a Tough Truck course. Although this compact SUV has been modified, it is far from a race truck, but it still does a great job of getting around the bumpy track.

Flying Bronco II Tough Truck

SUV vs Tough Truck

Tough Truck racing generally features one of two types of vehicles – purpose-built racers that are used over and over again or aging street trucks that are literally falling apart over the course of a single lap. This Bronco II is kind of a hybrid of the two, as it clearly has some beefy tires and a roll cage, but it looks to be more of a beefed-up street vehicle than an all-out race rig. Also, considering how well it handles the landing after each jump, it seems likely that the suspension has been modified as well.

In any case, this ragged Ford SUV gets around the track in impressive fashion.

Taking Flight

The video begins with the Ford Bronco II at the starting line, facing away from the camera. After a strong launch, the driver carefully navigates the first turn before the long run-up to the first jump. This is the stretch during which many street trucks begin losing body parts and breaking suspension components, but the Bronco comfortably bounces through them.

As the rear cargo area light swings around the cab by the wire, the driver of this small Ford carefully glides across the bumps and around the tight turns before making the long run to the huge final jump. Once again, the Bronco soars through the air and lands safely to end the run.

We don’t know if this driver won the race, but he and his Bronco II put in a solid effort.

Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by the Nitto Terra Grappler G2
Nitto Terra Grappler G2

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