Bronco Fest Will Make You Want to Quit Work and Go Play

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If a few hundred Ford Bronco SUVs playing in the desert sand doesn’t make you crave adventure, then we don’t know what will.

When we reference “desert playground” and “Oregon” in the same sentence, you might think we are a little off our rockers. But it’s true. It’s called the annual Northwest Bronco Roundup, and our life will not be complete until we can attend such paradise on Earth.

Basically, it’s a big Bronco meet up in Florence, Oregon, and it looks a like a massive off-road party. The event was a three day shindig last August, and there were more than 200 Broncos in attendance. One young man partaking was Tyler Landry, and he was kind enough to whip up this video showcasing all the machinery on hand, and all the fun that was had.

Cruises through town, dune-jumping, and more are all wrapped up into a three-minute collection of Bronco-filled magic.

Bronco Fest

As much as the Bronco’s resale value has gone up in recent years, we worry that soon no one will want to off-road these things. We fear that they will spend most of their days sitting in a climate controlled garage just waiting to appreciate even more. Also, can we take a second to say bravo to the Bronco owners who donated food? There was a Florence Food Share program, and the attendees of this year’s Bronco Roundup donated more than two tons worth of food!

Lastly, if you enjoy this video, why not drop Tyler a comment and let him know that Ford Truck Enthusiasts sent you? He only has one subscriber and this awesome video has less than 400 views.

Now press play and enjoy.

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