Bronco Centurion: Rare Find Surfaces Online

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Bronco Centurion

First and Only Four-Door Bronco, the Centurion is Based on an F-350 and is a HUGE Part of Ford History

Despite the presence of the Chevrolet Suburban, Ford refused to build a four-door competitor prior to the introduction of the Ford Expedition. The automaker soldiered on, producing two door Broncos and nothing else. But those who wanted a four door Bronco had one other option: the Bronco Centurion, otherwise known as the Centurion Classic.


Built by Centurion Vehicles out of White Pigeon, Michigan, the Classic was piecemealed together using a stock Bronco and a crew cab F-Series pickup. The crew cab wheelbase was shortened, and the Bronco’s rear quarter panels, tailgate, and hard top were fitted. With the original Bronco rear seat, the three row Classic featured seating for up to 9 people.

The 1990 Bronco Centurion featured in today’s “Rare Ford Finds” recently popped up for sale on Autotrader. This particular “SUV” is a C350, based on an F-350 chassis. The owner claims to have already invested $16,000 in a partial restoration, but the truck still needs some work. But when was the last time you saw one of these rare conversions? And at an asking price of $9,995, you probably won’t go wrong.

Nobody knows exactly how many Bronco Centurions were produced from 1998 to 1996, but there weren’t many. Estimates generally range in the thousands, making these beasts an uncommon sight today. Plus, the four-doors died an unceremonious death following the introduction of the Expedition and the end of Bronco production.

That alone makes them desirable. But the Centurions also make for an interesting piece of history. Not only as a unique Ford, but also as a footnote in the SUV’s evolving past. When Ford slept on that emerging market, Centurion was there to fill the void. It’s just another shining example of American ingenuity, and a pretty cool one at that.

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