Happy 50th Birthday Bronco!

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Happy birthday Bronco! With more and more rumors circling about Ford bringing back it’s iconic Bronco, almost everyone forgot that the Bronco is turning 50 this year. Ford introduced the Bronco in 1965, just a year after the introduction of the Mustang, and that was by no coincidence. According to Hemmings, Ford did everything in the company’s power to tie the Mustang and the Bronco together.

In one of Ford’s ads, the Bronco was described as the Mustang’s “stablemate, and called the Bronco a new kind of sports car with four-wheel drive.” Ford wanted to use the success the company found with the Mustang to get more Broncos sold.

While the ad campaign didn’t see the same type of sales as the Mustang received, the Bronco was a hit and sold over 22,000 in the first year, which at the time was really the only four-wheel drive car on the market. The Bronco really started the SUV industry in the United States, although it would be discontinued before SUVs really became popular.

However, with new rumors, hopefully the Bronco can once again return to getting dirty and taking Americans out into the world to have fun.

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