Bronco Blasts Jeep in Tough Truck Race

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Dirt Poor Bronco jumps out to an early lead and never looks back, winning with ease.

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the Midnight Madness 4×4 YouTube channel and it features a side-by-side Tough Truck race between a Ford Bronco and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. While you might expect the smaller, lighter Jeep to have the advantage in this race, you would be wrong, as the big Ford takes the lead at the start and just keeps on pulling away.

The Competitors

This side-by-side race was captured at the Bloomsburg Stock Tough Trucks 2016 event and it includes two of the best-known sport utility vehicles in the American auto industry. In the near lane is a Ford Bronco from the final generation of the F-Series-based models back in the mid-1990s and in the far lane is a Jeep Grand Cherokee from the same general era.

Ford Bronco Vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

We don’t have any exact details on either vehicle, but these are clearly not stock vehicles. The Jeep sits much higher than stock, but since it is losing so badly during most of the race, we don’t see it much. As for the Ford, it has a roll cage and suspension mods needed to comfortably fly through the air and land smoothly. A stock 1995 Bronco might be able to get that high off of the ground, but it isn’t going to land and quickly speed away in perfect condition.

In any case, the modifications made to the Bronco make it a much better Tough Truck racer than the Jeep.

Dirt Poor Ford Bronco Race Truck Side

The Race

As soon as the race begins, the Ford gets out to an early lead as the Jeep takes the first few jumps much slower. The Bronco does get to bouncing awkwardly in the first series of turns, slowing it down a bit, but the driver gets the big blue Ford back under control and begins to pull away again.

Dirt Poor Ford Bronco Jump Rear

About halfway through the run, the cameraman becomes fixated with the food trails at the end of the track, but how can we blame him? Corn dogs and cheese fries made in a trailer are among the best fast food in the world, but in any case, we miss a few seconds of racing, catching up to the action as the Bronco airs over the finish line for the win.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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