Bridging a Gap: 2017 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Appearance Package

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There was a time when Ford customers thought the top-of-the-line Explorer didn’t have enough luxury and features. Then the Blue Oval rolled out the most lavish and expensive Explorer ever: the Platinum.

That model spans the chasm between the pinnacle of Explorer finery and the limit of the sky. There’s money to be made in that model space and Ford doesn’t want the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit doing it all by itself.

As popular (again) as trucks and SUVs are these days, it makes sense for Ford to fill in segment gaps by doing the same with spaces in its Explorer lineup. What better way to make a beloved vehicle even more popular than by making its available configurations more suitable to a variety of needs and desires?

The Explorer Sport (and its Platinum cousin) make up about 30 percent of Explorer sales in the U.S. The 2017 Explorer XLT Sport Appearance Package dresses up a budget-friendly trim line with some special visual add-ons such as a grille, mirror caps, and 20-inch wheels in Magnetic Gray, and side cladding in Ebony Black. Consider it a visual “‘Tweener Truck” with the XLT on one side and the almighty 365-horsepower Explorer Sport on the other. Then watch it in the video below.

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